Tips to find western wedding rings

The day is getting closer and there will be a handful of advices and tons of choices to find your wedding ring. You can take your time to find the right western wedding rings by following some of these tips.

  • White or yellow gold?

Generally, these rings are made from metals with white or silver colors. It is up to your personal preference whether you want it yellow or platinum. Yellow is classic while tungsten is modern.

  • The color

When selecting color, make sure that you decide first whether you will go with classic or modern. Platinum is modern. It has gray color more like silver. Whereas for gold, the tone will be soft yellow or boldly gold like shiny yellow. There is also new style called rose gold. It has the color of pale pink with soft hue.

  • The width

Many rings come in various width. For men, it could be wide whereas for women it could be much thinner. However, this is not a term and condition. You can either use the wider one or the thinner one for both and it is absolutely fine. You may want to match it with your wedding theme if it is into classic, then you can go with wider one. If you prefer bold, wide ring can be noticeable from the distance.

  • The ornament

Plain western wedding ring is so yesterday. Today, many wedding rings are decorated with rubies or diamonds. The gemstones hold significant part for the design. But it has to match with the band color. If you want a little extra, you can add diamond on the center. If you want a bold choice, you can add small gems around the band or engrave the inner part with your favourite quote.

  • The size

Don’t forget to measure the size. Different shape of rings may possess different sizes so you may want to try it out and slide it over, don’t choose the ring that’s too tight but also don’t choose a ring that’s too lose. Find the size that you are comfortable with even when the aesthetic is classic or modern.

  • The polish

When finding the polish finish, make sure that you have it shine no matter what the texture. Why? Because polish finish shows an elegant side. The appearance is more appealing because it is reflective.

  • The personality

The ring should represents you and your partner. Don’t get drowned in the style and the price but forget to include your part in it. It is important to have your individuality represented by the ring. Western wedding rings are not made for everyone hence you need to find the one that matches your own taste.

  • Don’t be stressful

It is necessary to find wedding rings months before your wedding day, as it can be very stressful to pick the right one. Not to mention if you design your own, it could take weeks to finish.